Cupping is a traditional methed of treatment that has been used in Traditional Chinese  Medicine (TCM) for over 2000 years. Cupping is the application of wood/glass cups containing reduced air pressure(suction) on the surface of the skin. Through the use of heat, a vaccum is created causing the skin to be sucked into the cup

The cups have different sizes and they can be applied directly over pressure points, along the meridians or areas where there is pain (( back, neck or shoulder ).
The main functions of Cupping are to improve circulation, clear toxins, strengthen the body, balance the internal organs, increase energy and reduce pain.
The symptoms of which Cupping can help are:

-different areas of pain throughout the body, for example: back, neck, shoulder pain
-Cold and flu
-Lack of energy

Cupping can be used as a combination treatment with acupuncture and chinese herbs together. All traditional chinese medicine support and strengthen the systems of the body that are involved in the production of Qi and can help rebalance and support the immune system and stimulate energy. By balancing up the supply of Qi and flowing of it throughout the body, the body's organs and system become strong, enhancing their ability to fight the illness and diseases.